Case Studies

Elham and her son moved to the U.S. in order to receive better treatment for her son’s severe autism.  As a result of the economic crisis and the devaluation of Iran’s currency, Elham ran into legal hardship and, even though her son was doing much better in school, was in danger of having to withdraw him and move back to Iran.  IAS was able to provide swift assistance in the form of money for rent for 3 months, during which time Elham was able to find a job that paid enough so that she could enroll her son in school and become self-sufficient.  Elham is now a dedicated IAS supporter and has vowed to help us when she can in the coming years.   Her case is ideal because she was not needy – she was in need for a short time, IAS was able to assist, after which she was able to stand on her own two feet.  We are happy to report she is now employed at her son’s school, and her son is thriving.


Parvin and her two children, escaped an abusive husband and fled to Turkey and then later to the US.  She had no connections in Los Angeles, but her friend in Canada had heard of IAS and called our case managers while Parvin was still in the airport.  We were able to pick her up from LAX, find her a place to live, furnish it, and supply 3 bicycles for her and her children’s transportation.  She needed a car, but instead of giving her the funds for it, IAS coached her in saving money.  When she had saved enough for a small down payment, she was paired with an anonymous donor who helped pay for the rest of the car.  In this case again, IAS is proud to have supplied immediate and needed emergency services to this Iranian family in need.  Parvin is now a caregiver for an elderly couple.  She also cooks and delivers food for others.  Her children are doing well.

Bahman Farzin, D.D.S.

When I sold my practice in the summer of 2011 and left Iran, my wife and I knew that we were taking a huge risk. While we were aware of the challenges ahead, we knew that sometimes the better path to follow is the more challenging one. My combined residency and masters degree at UCLA would take for more than three years and would require more than $300,000 for tuition only. We thought that by selling our assets in Iran, our family of five (including my three kids) would survive for four years before I could get my license and start to work. However, in 2013, significant and abrupt drop in Iranian currency value caused our calculations to go wrong, and we faced a disastrous financial crisis. I lost tens of thousands of dollars and had to quit my program due to inability to pay tuition. In the midst of this crisis, when I was failing and desperately looking for a solution, a friend suggested that I seek help from the Iranian American Society (IAS).  IAS processed my application in a very short time (less than two weeks) and provided me with a scholarship to pay my full tuition for one quarter at UCLA when I was completely out of money and I was not able to find a consigner to take a loan.  I graduated from UCLA and my family and I have started our new life in the United States. However all these were impossible without the most valuable support I received from the compassionate and generous members of Iranian American Society in the most despairing time of my life. I owe my success to this organization and will remain indebted to them."


Heideh moved to the U.S. at 23 years old after marrying an Iranian-American.  She is a graduate of the prestigious Tehran University and held a degree in Humanities.  Her new husband abused drugs and alcohol.  She soon realized she was pregnant.  She felt trapped in her life and soon, with her son, felt she could not return home.   One night, her husband attacked her with a pair of scissors.   Their son witnessed it.  He had learned about 911 in school, and knew who to call.  We were soon introduced to the young lady.  We helped her leave her husband, find a new home, obtain psychological counseling for her and her son, and enroll in cosmetology school.

Suzanne and Behrang

A 12 year old girl and her 18 year old brother had lost their father to brain cancer in Iran.  Their mother, an ultrasound technician, moved to the US with her children afterward.  Suzanne and Behrang led a stable life until their mother diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.  She sought assistance from a friend, an IAS supporter in Orange County, who contacted us so we could help the children make plans for the inevitable.  Their mother eventually passed.   Since the children were orphaned, we have assisted them by introducing organizations that will assist them financially and emotionally, and, most notably, allow Behrang to become Suzanne’s legal guardian.    We remain in contact with them, share holiday dinners, and are informed they are doing well in school.


Giti, a college-aged young lady based in Northern California, received a scholarship to attend USC.  She subsequently moved to Los Angeles with her family.  Her mother gave her some fruit on her way out the door to school one day.  The fruit fell under her brake pedal, and the next thing she knew, Giti found herself in the ICU of a local hospital and was soon informed she was paraplegic.
Her treatment has been lengthy and expensive.  Just the co-pay for her treatment drained the family’s bank account.  She had to put school on hold.  Giti needs assistance in a variety of forms, including without limitation a hand control car and physical therapy equipment, both of which IAS was able to provide with the support of donors like you.  These tremendous contributions make it possible for Giti to reprise school..


At 22, Azam escaped from her abuser with her two year old daughter.  She and her daughter lived in a Los Angeles shelter for 9 months until an IAS supporter learned of their case and contacted IAS.  IAS helped her find an apartment.  IAS also provided clothing for her family and facilitated enrollment at a new school.  Azam attended graphic design school and soon graduated.  She is now financially independent, and she and her daughter are doing well.

*Names and some immaterial details have been modified in order to preserve our clients’ privacy.